Meaning of 'g'

or ga ga. The adverbial sign, for kan as tinnaga correctly, slowly, gently, vankaraga crookedly. It is added to the Infinitive in A, as ceyaga or ceyaga, cudaga. It is also added to nouns to give them an adverbial force. puspamulanu niku sayakambuluga jese he provided thee with flowers for arrows. nallaganunnadi it is black. ga stands for 'gajamu a yard. In prosody ga denotes guruvu a long syllable, and ga or gagamu is a spondee. ga also stands for gadya prose. In music ga is the note called mi in European music.

Meaning of గ

ga. [Tel. & Skt. formed from the shape of the legs in walking.] The letter G as in great. Some Telugu words at pleasure change the letter G into V. Thus పగలు or పవలు, తీగ or తీవ. So in English, thus: guile and wile; gate and way; guard and ward; guise, and wise.

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