Meaning of 'oda'

oda. [Tel.] n. A ship, a boat. The word oda prefixed to the names of some drugs, &c. answers to foreign or imported as odacintakaya imported tamarinds. odapoka imported area. odakilu Pitch. See kilu.

Meaning of అడ

aḍa. [Tel.] n. A lump, clot, mass (as of dates, sugar, hair, &c.) ముద్ద, చింతపండడలు lumps of tamarind. అడకట్టు or అడగొను to become clotted. ముద్దకట్టుకొను. తల అడలుకట్టినది the hair became matted, all the tresses are matted together. అడచేయు aḍa-chēyu. [Tel.] v. To knead and make into lump.

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