Meaning of 'u'

. In poetry denotes a stanza in the metre named utpalamala. The character u. in common business is used as a contraction for uttaramu an answer, as pra. means a question.

Meaning of ఉ

u. [Tel. In common writing the vowel is shaped like . Compare with this the Kanarese and the Skt. and Eng. U and W, all having the same origin.] The vowel U, as sounded in put, as in oo foot. Many Telugu words use A or U at pleasure: particularly in the second syllable, thus: వాలుగ or వాలగ, పరచు or పరుచు, కరగు or వరస or వరుస, అటక or అటుక, తరము or తరుము, పలకరించు or పలుకరించు. If one of these forms does not occur we must look for the word the other spelling.

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