Meaning of 'nadu'

nadu. [Tel.] n. A day. Time. That day, anadu. That time, akalamu cinnanadu when he was young, in infancy. okanatiki vinadu he will never consent. anadu at that time. tatanadu in my grand-father's time. natinundi since that time. tandrinatanunci from the time of his father. saṃvatsaramunatiki cellince rukalu the money payable at the end of the year. nativaru the people of that time. natipustakamu the book of those times. adi yennallanadu how long ago was it? nalugendlanadu four years back. natiki on that day, by that time, to that day. nade oh I dare say! to be sure! natipani the matter you wot of, you know what I mean. idi sana dinamulanatidi this is very ancient. nanadu na-nadu. adv. Day by day, now and then. nanatiki na-natiki. adv. Day by day, by degrees.

Meaning of నాడు

nāḍu. [Tel.] v. a. To plant, నాటు. n. A land, a country, a district. తూర్పునాడు the eastern districts. నాడెల్ల all the land. పల్లపునాడు low-lying land. వేగినాడు the Vegi country. వేగినాటివారు people of the Vegi sect or party.

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