Meaning of 'eru'

eru. [Tel.] v. t. To glean or pick up one after another edutanundu vastuvula nokatokatiga ettu. To attain age as in ideru erincu erintsu. v. t. To cause to pick up one after another. erunatluceyu. erukonu eru-konu. v. i. To pick up. erupidaka eru-pidaka. n. A cowdung cake that is picked up and is not mixed with bran, &c., for fuel.

Meaning of ఏరు

ēru. [Tel. Tamil ఆరు] n. A river. నది. (Genitive ఏటి, plural ఏళ్లు) ఏటికిపోవు to go to the river to answer the calls of nature. ఏట్లో కలిసిపోయినది it is completely ruined or shipwrecked. Lit. it is swept away by the river.

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