Meaning of 'andu'

andu. [Tel.] v. a. To reach, get at. To obtain or gain. To suffer or meet with (joy, grief, death, &c.) ceyyi caci puccukonu, pondu. arudandu feel surprise.bhayamandu to be afraid. janmamandu to be born. viyyamandu to intermarry. andicucu to peep, to look over a wall, &c. duhkhamandu to be sorry. krti andinavadu he to whom it is dedicated kampamandu to be afraid. minnandina sky-high, reaching to the clouds. andipondinavaru distant kinsfolk. andincu [causal of andu to reach.] v. t. To give, hand over, to enable to get.

Meaning of అందు

andu. [Tel.] v. n. To be within reach; (with the Dative) to reach at. అది చేతికందుసు it is within the reach of the hand. అది చేతికందును it is not within my reach. తమ జాబు నాకు అందలేదు I have not received your letter. అది నాకందరు I cannot reach it. అందచేయు to cause to be delivered.

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