Meaning of 'sakatamu'

saatamu. [Skt. from sakatamu.] adj. Pertaining to a carriage, bandidi. A yoke ox, bandiyeddu.

Meaning of శకటము

ṣakaṭamu. [Skt.] n. A cart, or carriage. The bishop at chess. బండి, చదరంగములో ఒంటె అనేకాయ. శకటవ్యూహము the cart-evolution, i.e., troops arranged in the form of a cart. Thus the yoke AB is the covering line of skirmishers. CD (the pegs) flanks of the same. E (the pole) the line of communication with F the coloumn; of which HH, the wheels, are cavalry covering the flanks. శకటరేఫ ṣakaṭa-rēpha. n. The name given to the obsolete letter (R,) also called బండిరేఫ, as its shape is compared to that of 'a cart.'

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