Meaning of 'bharadvajamu'

bhara-dvajamu. [Skt.] n. The bird called the King crow: it is the Drongo shrike, Dicrurus ater. (F.B.I.) pasulupoligadu, etrinta.

Meaning of భరద్వాజము

bharadvājamu [Skt.] n. The King-crow or Drongo-shrike, Dicrurus ater (F.B.I.) ఏట్రింతి, వ్యాఘ్రాటపక్షి. Radha KD. (it has been wrongly taken to be the sky lark: it never rises into the sky and is commonly seen on the backs of cattle and hence is called పసులుపోలిగాడు. It will even perch on the tiger and hence is called వ్యాఘ్రాటము.)

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