Meaning of 'antu'

antulu or antlu antulu.[Tel.] n. A graft, a grafted branch. antumamidi cettu a graft mango tree.

Meaning of అంటు

antu. [Tel.] n. Uncleanness, defilement by touch, impurity, such as is caused by the death of a relative, or by touching a lower caste man. Relationship. అంటుది an unclean woman. అంటుపడ్డాడు he was polluted, he became unclean. అంటుగా ఉండేయిల్లు. a house ceremonially polluted. మాకు రేపు అంటు (లేక, మైల) వదులును tomorrow we shall be free from [ceremonial] impurity. వానికనిమాకును మరేమి అంటుసంటు లేదు I have no connection with him. I have nothing to do with him.

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